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One Goal a Day

Sometimes, it can be hard to just do those simple things that others take for granted. If you've got social anxiety, it can be difficult to talk to a stranger. If you've got an eating disorder, it can be hard to eat more than a certain number of calories in a day. If you've got depression, it can be hard to even get out of bed to face the day.

This community is for people who need a boost in accomplishing something for the day. It can be something small ("I will read one chapter of my book") or something large ("I will take control of a group project today" or "I will jog 8 miles today"). You can create and post one goal for the day, or multiple goals for the day. The point is to just do something, have something to work towards and to feel some sense of accomplishment.

Please feel free to post pictures of you and/or your accomplishments.

Respect one another
Be supportive
Large or multiple photos under a cut
Please ask a mod* before promoting other communities
*(that would be lumnata as of right now)